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Transparency is our company habit. We do not play politics, or act out soap operas. Everyone has their say and is encouraged to further develop themselves and enhance the company profile.

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We believe in your ideas and respect and believe in your own ability in making a positive difference to others.

Global Headquarters - London
Office: City of London
Chronicle of Events
November, 2007

UVIC Group became the only official global education marketing organization appointed by Alied China Europe Society.

October, 2011

UVIC Group successfully organized the biggest education & immigration exhibition in the UK – UniFair, and there are more than 4,000 students from more than 80 universities in across 100 countries.

December, 2013

UVIC Group was invited as the only official immigration organization by the Upper Parliament to discuss the new policy regarding UK’s immigration laws.

December, 2013

UVIC Group attended London’s annual award gala dinner hosted by London’s financial center.


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