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Queen Mary, University of London

Address: United Kingdom | England | London
Foundation year: 1880
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Queen Mary's roots lie in four historic colleges: Queen Mary College, Westfield College, St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College and the London Hospital Medical College.The college was first established in 1887 and was admitted to the University of London in 1915.Queen Mary merged with the medical schools of St Bartholomew's and the Royal London hospitals in 1995.Queen Mary, University of London is a member of the Russell Group of leading UK universities, recognition of its excellence in research and teaching. The Group, which includes other top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and UCL, attracts some of the brightest students from all over the world and almost two-thirds of research funding in the UK. Graduates from Russell Group universities are especially valued by employers, giving them a head start when they apply for jobs.

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